How does the helmet work?

The beanie uses a proprietary blend of non-Newtonian materials, which are naturally soft, but harden instantaneously on impact. Once the impact has finished, it returns to it’s natural state. These materials, utilized within our unique design allow us to make a beanie that is soft and comfortable that passes international helmet standards.

Will it meet certification?

Absolutely, we will be testing and certifying the helmet to the global alpine helmet standards of EN1077 and ASTM F2040, which are recognized around the world. We will be wearing these beanies ourselves, and more than that so will our family and friends. For this reason, we’ll never build anything that isn’t safe.

When will pre-sales be available?

Pre-sales will be available in time for the Southern hemisphere season in 2020. There will be heaps of great rewards and features to go along with the helmet!

How’d you come up with such a cool idea?

We’re pretty inquisitive and genuinely intrigued people and genuinely thought one day…”Why can’t helmets be comfortable and easy to pack while being safe?” So we’ve gone about making one.

What if when I order a beanie it’s the wrong size?

With the unrivalled stretch, flexibility and comfort from our beanie, you’ll never have a helmet that will fit you better than this. Does a beanie fit your head? Cool, ours will too!
Our exact size chart will be revealed on launch, however if a size doesn’t fit you can send it back and we’ll send the right one to you ASAP.