We make bold claims about how safe our helmets are.

Because they are really, really safe.
AND Here’s how:

the New Standard

In Helmet Technology

Our dynamic frame, mixed with our dual-stage liner fits snug, close to the head and creates an ideal environment that absorbs more force than traditional impact systems, as well as being more efficient in an impact.

We are certified to the EN1077 and ASTM F2040 helmet certifications. We release our independent certification testing results because they are unbelievable and show how safe our helmet is.

How do we stack up to the industry? Well, we can’t actually say definitively because no other helmet company actually releases their official drop test data. Why do you think other manufacturers would keep good results like this hidden? Why are we the only company that directly releases our drop test data and makes it known publicly?…
You can answer that one for yourself.

so, how do we do it?

It’s a combination of factors all put together into what we call our ‘Dynamic Frame’. It’s taken us 7 years of R&D to perfect this frame, ensuring it can do it all. The fit and feel of the unit is absolutely unmatched (see rider testimonial here); but the real beauty of it is how it can protect you.

The frame itself is comprised of 80+ parts that create a system that can fit, flex and mould to any headshape, while remaining rock solid and impenetrable when you need it the most.

This, most definitely isn’t the cheapest way to build a snow sports helmet. In fact, our helmet costs 3-4x how much it costs to make a traditional helmet.

But we think your brain deserves the best, and we don’t cheap out in design, materials or build quality. Kinda like the Rolls Royce of ski helmets (without the wild price tag).

The outer frame is comprised of 7 polycarbonate, and 2 carbon fibre segments. These sections are fastened by slotted backing plates that retain rivets. The interaction of the rivets, slotted plates, carbon and polycarb segments allow the entire frame to shapeshift around every headshape. The reason why the shapeshifting is important goes just beyond fit and feel. The closer the protection matrix can be to your skull, the lower the centre of mass and rotational inertia, lower swing weight, the more volume protection material we can fit into the same space and the better it stays in place when you need it most.


Encapsulated by the polycarbonate frame is our patented dual stage liner. Material density is one of the leading factors that determine how effective a helmet is, at which impact energy. Understanding that no two impacts are the same on the snow, we decided to combine two different materials so that we can protect more efficiently across a larger spectrum of impacts.

Even smarter than this, one of the materials we decided to use is a non-Newtonian material. These shear-thickening foams start off soft, then harden instantly on impact, reacting to the energy input from a crash.

Combining the frame and dual stage liner, with our secret recipe of densities, thicknesses and design elements, our drop testing results come out as the best that can be seen from any helmet manufacturer.

So, we make bold claims. But they’re backed up by the results and the science. We’re an open book here, moreso than any helmet brand in history, as we think your brain protection is your business. If you ever have questions, please feel free to ask!


Both certifications drop a steel headform from a pre-determined height. The EN1077 drops it from 1.5m onto a flat anvil, and has a passing threshold of 250G, with 250G being the maximum force that is allowed to be transferred to the brain to pass the standard.

It also does a penetration test, with a metal striker dropped from 37.5cm, where no contact with the headform is allowable. The ASTM F2040 drops from a variety of heights, ranging from 2m to 1.2m, depending on the drop surface’s shape. ASTM tests a kerbstone (square), hemisphere (round) and flat anvils.

In these tests, the lowest score is best. As you can see below in our drop test results, we are a lot lower than the standard.

Our official certification results are done by independent, third party organisations without a representative of the company present. The drop tests are performed in Singapore by world-renowned testing and certification company, SGS Global. Alienor Certification (France) as a Notified Body accredited to the ISO/EIC 17065:2012 has issued Anti Ordinary with our Certificates of Conformity, finalising our ability to legally affix the appropriate certification marks to our A2’s.

The lab report from SGS Global states we’re not allowed to show this full report to the public. But, fortunately, we are able to show you the summarised format above with all of the relevant information and results.

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