We get it. We’re just a bunch of strangers on the internet trying to get you to buy our stuff.

Luckily, other people have already bought it before you, so we asked them
to share their thoughts so you can see how much effort we put into our A2's.

“I absolutely love this helmet! I’ve had a few people ask about it
and tell them how much of a game changer it is”. - Tom

“Here's my testimonial:
The A2 is the best helmet I've ever worn. It’s not only light and comfortable, but my ears have been cozy and warm. I have and will continue to recommend it to all my friends.” - Geoff

“Thanks for making these helmets. I'm a 60 year old telemarker who never wore a helmet in my life…… Now I do! They are truly an amazing idea come true”. - Felix

I love the helmet. It's very comfortable”. - Scott

"Was intrigued when I saw the helmet and it has really lived up to the hype. Super-comfortable and I get how you make them so they sit really snug on the head" - Richard

“it feels like I’m not wearing anything but a regular toque. So far I love it.” - Rene

“The helmet was great, the fit was more comfortable than a traditional helmet as it moved around less”. - Scott

“I have four helmets and trust my kid’s brains with your product. That's a great responsibility and to be frank, I didn't even want to wear a helmet until I saw your video. Saved my life. Thank you!” - Jespen

“They were so comfortable, and we were so excited about that, as in the past none of us skied with helmets. Thank you so much for bringing these comfortable, stylish, and advanced helmets to the marketplace.” - Dawn

It's freakin’ awesome! I have tactile sensation issues and so it's hard for me to find helmets that I can wear, let alone want to wear. It's like it isn't even there when I'm wearing it. You guys did an amazing job, I do not regret my purchase. Best decision I've made in awhile!” - Ryan

I was skeptical about the new lid - but as an Aerospace Engineer I’m intrigued by smart technology and design. When I first put it on and saw/felt no cushioning it looked like a mistake. Well, I went riding with my snowboard buddy on Tuesday and showed him the A2 and he was skeptical too - put it on and went to the lift - amazingly I never noticed it all until I took it off. Super comfortable and warm enough even in some high winds. I’m happily impressed. As a gear geek - I like your product a lot.” - Greg

I love my helmet so far, rode again today and it feels even better after a few days of wearing it than it did the first time. Bottom line is now that I’ve worn the A2 won’t ever wear anything that doesn’t come from Anti Ordinary again to protect my brilliant mind!” - Justin

Being a ski coach for almost 40 years I've had a hard time transitioning to a helmet for coaching. I make it work, but I felt the standard helmet always took away a bit of the sensory things I need to do my job. I waited a bit, finally wore it for night practice one evening, what a difference. I didn't overheat setting courses, and didn't even notice it on my head standing at the bottom doing my job. Will put it thru the summer paces training up on the glacier in a couple months. - Scott

“I want to say thank you for the much needed innovation in helmet technology. When I was 15 I wanted a helmet like this and it just didn't exist.” - Nathan

“This season at Mammoth Mountain California was amazing. Having the A2 helmet was the icing on the cake. My A2 helmet delivered all it promised. Great comfort, cool style. Not to mention Anti Ordinary's customer service was beyond good.” - Jane

“I had to say I was skeptical at first, but after trying out the A2 helmet, I'm a 100% BELIEVER now! Not only does it provide top-notch protection, but it's so comfortable that I forget I'm even wearing it, which is totally as advertised! Plus, the sleek design makes me look good on the slopes!” - Koji

“What I found with your helmet on , I didn't even know I had it on so I never took it off only when we stopped for coffee. So my thoughts - LOVE IT.” - Jonathan

“I took my A2 out for the first time today and loved it, everything you say about it is correct. I crashed back in 2017 and had a brain injury which I am still suffering from the side effects. I always wear a helmet but have never found them comfortable, especially at the end of the day, I've tried different helmets but the result was always the same…until today. Your helmet is epic! I wore it all day and was amazed that by the end of the day I couldn't even really feel that it was on. Great job on this helmet, I really appreciate the work you put into it.” - James

“The helmet is much more comfortable than my other 2 helmets.” - Chris

“Really impressed with the overall design and fit - exactly as described. Fits better than any other helmet I've used.” - M

“All good, thank you! I have now used it for a week or so and I enjoy it! I will say a ton of people ask me if I like it? I tell them I love it and all that jazz!” - Joe

I fully enjoyed my new helmet Beanie. After the first ride I would have to agree that you do almost forget that you have it on. More comfortable than my previous helmet and it does work protecting you.” - James

I love this thing it's so comfortable. I really like the ear system my ears get hot and it is so easy to uncover them. It feels really light and no pressure points or fit issues. Best helmet I've owned, and I've owned dozens.” - Patrick

I really liked this helmet. It was light and comfortable, and it fit much better on my head than the previous helmet.” - laura

“It performed well and kept me warm. I’m sensitive to pressure on my ears so I loved the soft covering there.” Erik

It rides & fits amazing. I honestly will find it rough to go back to a regular helmet.” - Ryan

“I could not be more satisfied with my purchase!! I took a nasty spill at Eldora my first time out and the helmet totally saved my a**” - Ethan

“Your helmet is my favorite purchase this season. I wish I had jumped on it earlier.” Jamie

“Like many people I initially found it a bit uncomfortable. My misshapen head not seeming to find the comfy spot. But now it's my favourite. I like how it feels attached to me with no movement.” - Bruce

“I must say I am pretty impressed with both the helmet but even more your customer service.” - M

It is so comfortable I forget I'm wearing it. Usually when I stop for a beer the first thing I do is take my helmet off and put my beanie on. I found myself enjoying a beer several times this year with my A2 on (didn't even notice).” - Lance

“I am a long time beanie (non-helmet) wearer and have been receiving pressure from loved ones to convert to head protection for decades. I decided to try head protection solely because of the product you created. It's very good and will continue to enjoy my new piece of snowboarding gear.” - Bo

“Been riding for over 35 years now...soon to be 66 and love the new helmet. Tried it out this season in Whitefish, MT and found it to be as advertised - Anti and great. Once on, it does feel forgettable in the best way.” Kevin

“The helmet was a dream come true, my head didn’t feel or look like a bowling ball! Super comfortable and nice to look at, several people asked about the beanie I was wearing on the slopes, took them a minute to realise it was actually a helmet. Did I take a fall? No. Did I fall for the helmet? Absolutely.” James

“After the initial break in, they felt more like an extension of our heads, rather than something sitting on top of our heads. Our peripheral vision was improved as we could see more from out our left and right edges when skiing. The helmet’s feel on our heads was more natural than our old ski helmets, and after the first day we forgot we had them on.” David

“My experience with the A2 was fantastic on the whole. As a 60 year old advance-expert rider, I don't have that many hard charging seasons left and certainly don't like to lose days to injury, so I try to have the most advanced equipment I can afford. I took one particularly hard fall this season striking the back of my head on hard pack with no problems at all. The A2 feels like an extension of my head instead of feeling like something just plopped on for effect.” Stephen

… Believe us now?