Tip A Lifty Day

21ST JUNE 2024 our ode to the legends on the
mountain who make our industry so good.

Tip A Lifty Day - Starts In:

We believe that that mountains are for everyone – there’s an incredible beauty in them that we count ourselves lucky to enjoy and share with our loved ones.

None of it would be possible without our friends who dedicate their days and nights to make sure we can get out there. From groomers working overnight, park crews shovelling daily, lifties who are always smiling, and ski patrol who are there when it goes wrong; the unsung heroes of our industry are often hiding in plain sight.

As a direct to consumer company, we spend a bit of money on advertising across all formats, and there’s always a lot of pressure to pay ‘influencers’ to sell products. While we have a lot of love for influencers, it’s never really sat right to us that we can’t spread the love with the crew on the hill – the real legends of the industry.

So, we came up with ‘Tip A Lifty’ day. As part of our bigger strategy to ensure that we’re engaging with our industry in a way that reflects our values, we decided that we wanted to do something different. Just quietly, our marketing agency (and accountants) are shitting themselves – sorry gang.

On Friday, 21st of June, we’re turning all our marketing off. We will not spend a single dollar on advertising for the full 24hrs. We’ll then take the entire marketing budget and put it into our ‘Tip A Lifty’ fund.

We know ‘marketing budget’ is soft – so we’re slapping down $50 for every A2 sold to go directly into the TAL fund.

Then, we’ll go to the ATM, rip all that cash out of our account and ride around spreading our love to the people who make our world go round. We’ll make sure we take videos to show the whole process, just so you know where it all goes.

Also, on the 21st of June if you tag us in a story (@antiordinary.co) while you’re out on the hill working, you’ll go in the draw to win a brand spanking new A2!

So, if you’re looking for a helmet and want to see our accountants cry, grab a unit on the 21st of June. They’ve warned us if too many helmets get sold we might go broke – but what would they know?

We know it’s not everything, yet; but it’s the first step in us being the change we want to see in the world, and putting our money where our mouth is from the get go.